The Greater Britain Imperialists

Brexit remains the defining crisis of British politics. The successful Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum was a watershed moment for a new generation of British nationalists and imperialists who have taken the reins of history and are steering Britain towards an imperial “destiny.”

[R]ightwing historian and Churchill biographer Andrew Roberts has argued that Brexit is a moment to reclaim the meaning of empire as a state where “no foreign power is able to alter or countermand the laws made here”.

Robert Booth writing for The Guardian

A third of British people surveyed by YouGov believe that colonized peoples were “Better off” under British rule. Only half as many people believed that colonization left their subjects “Worse off.”

From The Guardian, 11 March 2020
YouGov estimates that two thirds of Remain voters are opposed to Britain having an empire. In contrast, Leave voters were more than twice as likely to want Britain to rule an empire.

The Leave campaign combined exclusive, nationalist, and racist politics with a desire to make Britain “sovereign”. With slogans like “Make Britain Great Again” it was implied that Britain would make a return to its glorified imperial past.

So, to make Britain peerless, the right wing has left the European Common Market and left the UK in need of new markets. Fortunately it can find those in the form of its old markets, the now-industrialized White Dominions of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

From Wikipedia, “Dominion.”

This is where the CANZUK project comes into play, opening free trade and mobility between the imperial motherland and its settler-colonial children.

The Anglophiles of “Greater Britain”

The United Empire Loyalists

What a specimen.

The profile picture is Nelson from The Simpsons dressed as Lord Nelson, the British admiral who fought Revolutionary France.

The username is the most English name ever combined with gwailou, a sometimes-derogatory Cantonese word for white people. This reverse-racist is boldly reappropriating the G-word. Note the Taiwanese flag.

And, of course, this retired Royal Canadian Navy man is an “unapologetic settler” and Canadian Nativist. In the context of the mass graves of indigenous children identified around the country in 2021, this man is refusing to apologize for the accepted fact of genocide and claims that he is the real native of this land.

From Wikipedia, “United Empire Loyalists.” Statue in Hamilton, Ontario

Finally, “Upper Canada” was the colonial name of what is now the Province of Ontario, between 1791 and 1841. Archibald X hearkens back to the age when Canadian identity was forged as a reaction against the American Revolution. Many of Canada’s social elites and their institutions were formed in this time, such as the Law Society of Upper Canada.

He must be one of those awful old-stock Canadians.

The Australian Monarchists

After the fall of the Soviet Union two arch-reactionary groups were formed in Australia to fight the Australian Republican Movement. These were the Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy (1992) and the Monarchist League of Australia (1993). Together the Monarchists defeated the Republicans in the 1999 referendum on the monarchy.

In the 2010s the monarchist groups recruited thousands of members, especially through their youth wings:

An alleged internal email from the AML says that the organization has 40,000 youth members and “hundreds of thousands” of total members as of 2020.

As if being Australian wasn’t bad enough, they have to be royal bootlickers as well!

Obligatory inclusion of New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern may be a popular and celebrated Liberal leader but she is still signing onto free mobility and free trade deals with Boris Johnson’s United Kingdom. Really though, what else is a liberal going to do when a trade deal crosses their desk?

Wow, New Zealand is so progressive! Look, Liz the Second is Queen of Arikinui Aoteroa!!!

Remember, if you are not vigilant then the world conspiracy of the English will steal everything you care about from right under your noses.

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