From Brexit to CANZUK

Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP will hold a second independence referendum if they win a majority.

Retrieved from Financial Times.

One of the primary forces behind this movement is the desire to remain in the European Union: it is a referendum against Brexit and against Britain. A similar conflict is building in northern Ireland, where Brexit means confusion at the country’s partition line.

Without Europe, the UK is much more dependent on its special relationship with Washington. Commercially, militarily, and diplomatically, it has cut itself off from the European bloc of nations.

At the same time, those CANZUK mosquitos keep buzzing about their novel idea of a trade bloc between Britain and it’s former White Dominions. They publish surveys to argue that it is immensely popular in these countries and in Westminster.

Retrieved from CANZUK International.

London, one of the great financial centers of the world, has to try and build a new trade bloc in order to maintain it’s relevance. The most obvious option is to form an Anglosphere trade bloc.

This would be a technocratic solution to an invented problem. The Tories broke Britain with Brexit and now they’re offering solutions that would not otherwise make sense.

The government has pursued security throughout the political chaos caused by Brexit. Armed security. Boris has made Britain the second largest arms exporter (by volume) in the world for two years in a row.

This boom in the defense industry is fuelled by massive increases in spending by the Gulf Cooperation Council. The Saudis have been using British arms in their total war against Yemen.

Retrieved from Middle East Eye.

The way things are trending, London and Washington are going to be thick as thieves as they corner the global market on security and defense contracts.

Britain will become the world’s armory. It’s their biggest growth industry.


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