Far Right of the Dnipro

Are There Neonazis in Ukraine?

Profiling the violent right-wing groups that emerged from Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution.

Hate Crimes


Azov Battalion

Right Sector

Their War Will Not End

How these groups and nationalist politicians benefit from a close relationship, and how state resources have been used to prepare the next generation of ultranationalists.

Politically Useful Violence

“National-Patriotic Education”

Proximity to State Power

The Social-Nationalist Movement

These groups share an ideology that draws from a history of Nazi collaboration and a homegrown formula for fascism.

Patriot of Ukraine

Freedom for Fascists

Gaining State Power


The Nationalist Reconstruction of Ukraine

The infamy of Neo-Nazis obscures the role played by other radical Nationalists in Post-Maidan Ukraine. Their histories show us the big picture, the long-term goals and trajectory of the Nationalist project.


Dissidents and Openness

Ukrainian Helsinki Union

The Nationalist Alternative

Passing the Torch

The activists of Perestroika claimed to be champions of liberal values, but their work brought forward a new generation of Nationalists.

Association of Ukrainian Youth

Association of Independent Ukrainian Youth

Ukrainian Interparty Assembly