[ Featured image: George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Mikhail Gorbachev in New York. From CNN. ]

Before you read this post it is important to entertain or accept the premise that “9/11 was an inside job.”

If we accept this as true then we find abundant evidence that the World Trade Center attacks were very well planned, involved many unwitting accomplices, and required coordination at all levels of political power. This was a vast operation requiring great secrecy, the compartmentalization of knowledge and action, and a great deal of time to set up all the pieces.

The question posed to us is: How long ago was 9/11 planned?

The Sole Superpower

A little birdie told me to look back to the presidency of George H. W. Bush, 1989-1993.

Bush gave two infamous speeches a year apart, bookending his war in the Persian Gulf. These speeches were delivered to joint sessions of Congress on September 11 1990 and on September 11 1991. C-SPAN hosts the entirety of the 1990 speech.

In these speeches he says that the Cold War is ending and a “new world order” is emerging. A world order in which the United States is the sole superpower and is able to enforce the principles of Winston Churchill and the United Nations on the world.

Bush chose to demonstrate his New World Order by making a showpiece of the Persian Gulf War.

The United States had accused Iraq of committing a genocide against the Kurdish people using chemical weapons, characterizing president Saddam Hussein as “more barbaric than Hitler.”

From the National Security Archive

This accusation omitted the fact that the Reagan administration had covered up Iraq’s “almost daily” use of chemical weapons and still planned to provide the technology for a nuclear weapons program. After the war, a secret directive of the President was uncovered showing that Bush had provided $1 billion in aid to Iraq nine months before the invasion of Kuwait. Both as Vice-President and President, Bush had enabled and equipped Saddam Hussein.

To justify intervention in Kuwait to the American public President Bush relied on stories that would tug at heartstrings. The most infamous of these was the testimony of a Kuwaiti woman to Congress and CNN, describing the murder of newborns in Kuwaiti hospitals by Iraqi soldiers. By the time the truth became known, that the woman was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador and that the stories were fabricated, it was too late to recall the troops.

Through strict control of media access to the country the Pentagon was able to tightly direct the public narrative of the war. It was an action movie come to life with the graphics and music deployed on the only 24/7 News channel, CNN. The media operation was a strategic success for the military, which had aimed to rehabilitate its image ever since the Fall of Saigon.

Of course with decades of hindsight and leaks and research we have learned what George Bush’s “New World Order” really means. Unilateral military action led by the United States against any nation which does not submit to Washington’s definition of freedom and justice. US forces turning on their former Cold War allies to prosecute crimes that had been equipped and enabled by US politicians. Genocidal force levied against Third World countries on fabricated pretexts.

Without the USSR to stand against it, the United States had free rein to assault any “rogue state” that resisted their global hegemony. Bush knew that the USSR was in the process of disintegrating, having done his part to bring it down. There would be no global power able and willing to support international resistance. He was poised to use his second term to roll out the new imperial world order.

25 December 1991. From Wikipedia.


We don’t have to look far for an event we could treat as a “proto-9/11.” The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was a spectacular event which stirred much of the same sentiments in the media and public as the 2001 attack. Like the later attack, it was also blamed on al-Qaeda.

We might stop here and say that this disproves a connection between Bush and ’93: why would he still execute the plan if he didn’t control the state? Is the ’93 bombing evidence that Bush and bin Laden were not accomplices after all?

Let’s recall some of the assumptions this inquiry is based on. 9/11 was a vast, compartmentalized conspiracy. It had to evade the largest military intelligence network in history with actions coordinated in every branch and level of the state. It was imperative that every agent and asset know as little as possible about the purpose of what they were doing, even that they were part of the preparations at all. No secret plot involving thousands of conspirators would stay secret for long.

“Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace.” First published in The Independent, 6 December 1993

Such a complex plan must have taken a lot of time and effort to set up. If it had been scheduled for 1993 then it must have been made in the expectation that Bush would win re-election. If Bush had in fact planned to run this script then he may have suspended the mission. The ’93 bombing could be a rogue element in this network which decided to carry out its part of the mission, alone. It could have been left active to serve some other, lesser purpose. In the absence of further evidence this is the limit of our speculation.

The Disaster Script

Let’s presume that the 9/11/2001 disaster script had been planned as early as 9/11/1991. Would it have made sense to play out this script during George H. W. Bush’s presidency? Could the 2001 plot have served the same purposes for the first President Bush as it did for his son?

First let’s review the dramatic arc of the story.

Act 1: Terror in the Sky

The 2001 script opens with the dramatic skyjacking of passenger jets. The jets are flown off course and miraculously hit their targets: WTC 1 and WTC 2.

Act 2: The Towering Inferno

The initial collisions draw worldwide attention as news media outlets around the world relay the live images and sounds of New York. Millions of viewers experience the event simultaneously. It is one of the most televised events of all time, one that terrifies and traumatizes many viewers. This global audience watches in real time as men throw themselves from the towers, firefighters scramble to rescue people trapped inside, evacuees panic and tell their stories to reporters on the scene. Some report hearing explosions in the building, or seeing strange men entering the tower and calmly climbing the stairs as everyone else flees. It is pandemonium.

Act 3: Armageddon

Then, with all eyes drawn to center stage, the Towers put on their big disappearing act. They crumple straight down, each floor pancaking down onto the next, collapsing in freefall. WTC 7, the only tower outside of the main complex, beyond the ring of WTC 3-6 which boxes in the Twin Towers, collapses for no apparent reason shortly afterwards. Three thousand people are confirmed dead and the apocalyptic clouds of debris and dust, scattered documents and ruined offices, blows through the streets of Manhattan. And the world watched in shock and awe.

Act 4: Team America, World Police

Within the day the news media had been notified and President George (W.) Bush had addressed the nation: Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network were the culprits of this attack. In the coming days, weeks, months, and years there would be round-the-clock updates on this elusive, omnipresent enemy.

Within 24 hours of the attacks NATO had invoked Article 5 of its founding Treaty: the entire military alliance would treat this as an armed attack on their collective security. This was the first time in its history that NATO had acted on its mutual defense pact and the first time it operated outside of the North Atlantic. In only a day the legal and operational basis of the War on Terror was established.

The President identified Afghanistan as the base of bin Laden and demanded that the Islamic Emirate surrender bin Laden to NATO. When the Afghan government demanded evidence that he was involved they were accused of delaying justice and collaborating with al-Qaeda — making the Taliban complicit in the 9/11 attacks. CIA liasons had already entered the country carrying $3 million in bribes on September 26, making connection with the rebel Northern Alliance and preparing for the NATO invasion. This plan had already been approved by President Bush in August, 2001, and on October 7 NATO launched Operation Enduring Freedom.

Colin Powell warns the UN Security Council about the possibility of Iraqi anthrax, 5 Feb 2003. Full speech at C-SPAN.

The Bush administration busily recycled this plan to justify their invasion of Iraq. Starting in 2001 and ramping up dramatically in 2002 the USA pressured the United Nations to approve force against Iraq for the government’s past crimes, an alleged relationship with al-Qaeda starting in 1992 (curious!) and an alleged effort to develop weapons of mass destruction. When their accusations did not get the desired results, the Bush administration declared that Saddam Hussein was not cooperating and rushed off to war in Iraq.

What Could Have Been

It should be clear by now that the 9/11 script would have worked very well for George H. W. Bush. The plan actually makes more sense if it was originally scheduled for the father’s second term.

After successfully leading NATO and the UN to invade and occupy Afghanistan Bush Jr. tried to do the same to Iraq. By then the momentum of 9/11 wasn’t able to sweep the world into another war of conquest. Opposition voices decried the cynical attempt of the Bush gang to overthrow another state on its enemies list.

Taken 20 November 2000 in Baghdad. From New York Daily News

If this script had been executed under Bush Sr. then it wouldn’t have run into the same problem. In April 1992 the Peshawar Accords were signed, forming a new Islamic State in Afghanistan ruled by America’s Mujahideen allies. After the victory of the Taliban these Mujahideen became the Northern Alliance that would be restored to power in Operation Enduring Freedom. Bush’s allies took control of Afghanistan less than a year before the ’93 bombing and there was no need to invade Afghanistan.

Instead there would have been a “new Pearl Harbor” against American civilians and only one prime suspect: the vengeful dictator Saddam. He was set up as a deranged Hitlerian working with an international terrorist mastermind and developing nuclear weapons to use against Americans. The lightning strikes of America, NATO, and the UN would have been directed at the “Butcher of Baghdad.”

In either case, whether 1993 or 2001, the plan would have the same strategic goal: encircling Iran with American bases and allies.

From Brett Wilkins

I’m grateful to our little birdie for bringing us this clue. We have enough evidence to say that it is plausible that Bush Sr. planned to stage the WTC demolition in 1993. Plausible, but nothing definite. For now this all remains…

Pure speculation

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