Le Fascisme En Marche!

[ Featured image: French protesters using the same slogans as anti-vaccine protesters in North America ]

Huh? Police protesting Macron? Against vaccinations? Or, and this may be a stretch here, maybe the Gendarmerie are kettling the protesters before gassing them?

But maybe we should cut Mr. Rudkowski some slack, this citizen journalist does bring us unbiased facts and true stories such as this:

Where else have we seen pro-cop, anti-vaxx protests before?

Anti-civilian government, pro-police state. From CBC

It’s little surprise that boot connoisseurs would latch onto this scrap of video and try to find common ground with the armed wing of the state. They see no contradiction between loving cops and hating the government, believing that the cops are actually their friends and are forced by the state to use violence against patriots.

But even if Mr. Rudkowski’s video is an out of context fantasy, France has some ongoing unrest in its armed services.

Real cops want more power over civilians, not less.

There was a real police protest against the French government in May, demanding crackdowns against the people and more security for the police.

That protest followed the open letter from French Generals threatening a coup on the anniversary of the Algiers Putsch.

Maybe the militant Right is still mad about their boy General Pierre De Villiers ragequitting as chief of defense staff when Macron wanted to cut his budget in 2017. It’s the first time the chief of staff has resigned since the 1958 coup.

Of course, the outspoken General De Villiers only wants a life of quiet obscurity.

I’m sure this is fine!


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