Biden Asks America To Lick His Cone

When I first saw this tweet I thought it was a parody. There’s no way Joe Biden, accused by his most dedicated enemies of being a pedophile, would be asking America’s children to take ice cream from strangers.

Everybody knows that’s creepy.

But it’s real, and you can read about it on the party’s own site.

It’s bizarre that the Biden team would portray their man like this. During the election campaign he was roundly mocked by opponents disgusted by his conduct around children:

His association with ice cream is well documented. Really, really well documented. It’s actually a part of his brand: “I’m Joe Biden, and I love ice cream.”

For some reason CNN cut together this video with a seductive soundtrack:

What’s weird is how hard they lean into the “lovable old creeper” image.

America is Back!

Is the Biden team consciously casting him as the Pedophile-in-Chief? Is it to taunt those dedicated enemies? To mock the Pizzagaters and QAnoners who are now scattered and isolated from the social media crackdown that followed 1/6?

It’s almost as if the Democrats want to incite right wing loners to strike out against the President and the government. The Democrats and their proxies have been working tirelessly to convince the public that 1/6 was as bad as 9/11 and that right wing terrorism is the gravest threat to America today. They need more attacks to happen to justify new repressive police measures.

It’s a good thing they kept in the FBI’s good graces with the Mueller probe!

Maybe that’s why Kamala was tapped for backup president: Creepy Joe Biden winds them up and Top Cop Kamala knocks them down.

Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

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