Canada’s Far-Right Freakshow Hits the Campaign Trail

[ Part of The Canadian Far Right in the Time of COVID ]

I love election season. The way it brings out everyone’s political derangements and kinky pathology. This is manna from heaven.

If 6 million people are unvaccinated, and the PPC is the official antivaxx party, then those 6 million people must vote PPC. This is foolproof logic. Unfortunately it is also thoughtproof logic

What a beautiful train wreck of a campaign ad. Come, child, let us rubberneck and gawp:

Wtf who shattered my glass flag, is this one of those sissy “metaphors” for my fragile patriotic “identity”
Using liberal anti-discrimination language but for the exact opposite meaning, impressive
For the record, the only countries with higher small-arms ownership rates than Canada are the United States, two tiny island nations, a country currently in a civil war, and the shattered remnants of war-torn Yugoslavia:
Someone is mad that 70% of the population lives east of Winnipeg. Unfair!
PPC voters are desperate for The Great Replacement to be real so they can justify their persecution complexes
Maxime Bernier will capture El Queso of the Boursinaloa Cartel
For those baffled by this one: the supreme court ordered the government to pay $10 million Canadian fun bucks to Omar Khadr to compensate for sending him to a Syrian torture camp after being wrongfully arrested as a teenager. Whoops!
Please tell me, I’m begging you, what is the real cause of climate change? HAARP? Chemtrails? Solar flares? Chai-nah?
“Sex education in schools is basically rape” cries the patriot whose character was built by The Belt and the back of daddy’s hand
[Alex Jones voice] GLOBALISTS!!!!!
The election is scheduled for September 20, which is the perfect time to freeze peaches
Hold on. The PPC opposes legal pot? If that’s the case then…

…why is the country’s most famous legalization activist running for them?

The hardest choice facing every politician: do I balance the budget, or do I go to a parade?
Cornering the elusive indigenous Nazi vote
Not only the official Antivaxx Party but also the official Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist party. Astroturf the TERFs!
Well, I mean,
We must embrace those universal symbols of uniquely Canadian culture: cowboy hats and country music
??? How many People’s Party supporters are Liberal voters? It is definitely funny to watch the PPC humiliate the Tories, though
THIS MAN is what’s wrong with Canada
Wh-whoah, you look different bro 😳 gonna have to rethink that transphobic policy now
Time to colonize the Old World 😎
It would be a real shame if someone told Google that the PPC is committing copyright infringement to promote this material ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

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