Your Body Is A Vessel

[ Part of The Canadian Far Right in the Time of COVID ]

Do you love being free? Do you want to start your own country? Come, let’s peek down the rabbithole and gawp at the Freeman-in-the-land.

Did you know that the Freemen-on-the-land (FOTL) can sail on land? That’s because they know the secret truth: that a car is actually a boat.

Essentially they believe that the admiralty law, which governs the sea and commercial vessels, was appropriated to register automobiles.

Retrieved from Deutsche Welle, Feb 16 2021

Because you don’t need to register a wagon, a car had to be redefined as a vessel which sails on land. That’s how they think the courts incorporated cars.

They believe that birth certificates are actually the same as incorporation papers for a business: there is a corporate entity with your given name, it is subject to statutes, but your natural person isn’t.

They believe that statutes only apply through commercial/admiralty law, and that this form of law eventually came to dominate all courts.

Retrieved from Reddit, Feb 16 2021

So, they believe that your legal person is incorporated under admiralty/commercial law, and point to the fact of social security being a financialization of your birth certificate.

Their beliefs and theories go to much deeper and stranger places than this.

Retrieved from The National Post, Feb 16 2021

In Canada they make appeals to the Queen in order to step outside the law of commerce and stand as “freemen in the land”. In America they make appeals to the Kingdom of Heaven to step outside of the corporate law.

Either way they try to revert to feudal law and duties.

You can hear more about it from this British Freeman. Or from a more skeptical source:

Because of their obsession with admiralty law and all things maritime, freemen believe that their legal person is required to operate in commerce. It is therefore defined as a vessel or ship in the legal realm, floating on the sea of commerce


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