The Line: Conning Law

[ Part of The Canadian Far Right in the Time of COVID ]

Representatives of The Line pepper their speeches with invocations of Common Law, but their interpretation of it is very uncommon.

Common Law is usually understood to mean “the common-sense laws that aren’t created by act of government.” Laws like the bans on murder, theft, and assault. The Line refers to a much more narrow meaning of “Common Law.” They base their legal language on that of the Freeman-on-the-land or, Sovereign Citizen movement.

The Line uploaded a video dedicated to Common Law on October 19, 2020. Speaker Dermot Pomeroy explains the basic ideas of the Sovereign Citizens, such as the creation of a legal person as a corporate fiction, distinct from your natural person.

Pomeroy speaks as a member of The Line and says that they will have a website up on Wednesday (October 21) which explains Common Law to visitors.

The Common Law that Pomeroy speaks of is centered on concepts of consent and permissions. He emphasizes that he and The Line will be “serving Notices” to health officials, nurses, and the press media. Near the end of his speech Pomeroy says the only way to hold [government officials] accountable is through Common Law. So, what are these “Notices?”

Retrieved from Beach Radio 103.1, Kelowna ON

We can look to a source named by Pomeroy. He urges the audience to look up former “World Banker” Karen Hudes on YouTube, crediting her with exposing much of the material that his work is based on.

On Hudes’ own website she describes herself as an attorney for the World Bank from 1986 to 2007, the year in which she blew the whistle on corruption in the Bank. However, the World Bank issued a statement in 2014 which said that she had been presenting herself as the Bank’s Acting General Council years after being fired.

If this document is genuine then it appears that Hudes really has been falsely claiming to be Acting General Counsel while issuing “Notices” under Common Law.

It gets stranger with every item.

Pomeroy also tells his listeners to find “A Warrior Calls” on YouTube. This channel calls on viewers to “Put on the armor of God for the world needs us all right now awake and taking action against this massive evil.” The channel has a playlist for its educational series on Common Law.

The Line’s previous video shows Lamont Daigle receiving a misdemeanor charge from the police. Dermot Pomeroy is there speaking on Daigle’s behalf to get him out of the ticket. Pomeroy tells the officers that they are already “On Notice,” that they have “trespassed against” Daigle several times, and that each officer will be fined $25,000 per trespass.

Daigle says he is learning Common Law from Pomeroy and that it will soon have its own tab on the website (as of Feb 14, 2021 this tab does not exist). He has promised at past events that The Line will develop a legal program around these techniques, with the intent of teaching their movement how to use Common Law.

What will happen if this obscure set of legal cheats, loopholes, and scams catches on with a large crowd?


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