Giving the Three-Finger Salute

While finishing a piece on the recent coup in Myanmar I came across this story in Myanmar Times.

The three-finger salute thrown by protesters in Myanmar struck a familiar chord. No, not because it’s the salute used in The Hunger Games. I recalled seeing it during one of the recent waves of protests in Thailand.

Oh. I suppose it is the Hunger Games salute, after all:

Retrieved from Japan Times, Feb 16 2021

The three-fingered salute from “The Hunger Games” movies flashed by Thai protesters at the royal motorcade this week has become the primary symbol of resistance in the kingdom in recent years.

Japan Times

But, there is a more interesting lead in this story. The salute has spread online via memes and reached an international audience:

“The salute has also begun to tentatively spread overseas.

Over the last year activists in Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan who are critical of authoritarian China have formed an online movement dubbed the “Milk Tea Alliance” — so named because of a shared love of the sugary drink.”

I’ll keep my eye on the Milk Tea Alliance.

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