New Developments in Cryptofascism: Boer Zionists

The IDF has been busy in Palestine this month, and Meltdown May has brought us some fascinating new Twitter protagonists to defend it. Like this one, who protests apartheid against Boers.

This poster links to this site on both their Twitter and their Instagram:

What kind of person makes it a priority to rehabilitate the Deutschlandlied?
The kind that lives in Rome and Berlin, visits a lot of baroque and neoclassical palaces, and identifies as a Zionist using the Star of David and flag of Israel.

But the only things that identify this person as Jewish are those two symbols, a single Instagram photo of them visiting the Western Wall during a tour of Israel, and their advocacy for Israel. None of which is actually a sign of being Jewish, or Israeli, but could be carried out by any sympathetic tourist in that country.

If we check their followers we see a few recurring themes:

Lots of “Classical Liberals,” ordoliberals, neoliberals, conservatives, Zionists, German and Austrian “Patriots,” and a spattering of self-identified “Anti-Communists.”

The whole thing smells like Aryan Zionism, an apparently-contradictory form of antisemitism that resembles British Israelism; the belief that this European nation is actually a chosen race and the Jewish people are false Hebrews who should be removed to a faraway place.

The only thing that could make this a perfect, unmistakable example of 21st-Century neofascism would be a Habsburg connection, but we can only hope for so —


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