Anti-Communist Triads in Myanmar

We started our investigation of Michael Kyaw Myint’s alleged Triad connections by searching for the largest Triad groups in Myanmar. The first results led me to the State Department’s free encyclopedia.

The 14K triad is allegedly the largest in Myanmar:

The 14K triad operating from Mong Nawng, near the border with China, has established a working relationship with the United Wa State Army in the sale and smuggling of heroin into China and Thailand. The 14K has also trafficked Burmese heroin to Australia and extensively to Canada, sometimes in partnership with the Big Circle Boys.

Wikipedia, citing the Library of Congress

The source for these claims is this report prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.

The 14K was formed by Kuomintang Lieutenant-General Kot Siu-wong in Guangzhou, China in 1945 as an anti-Communist action group. However, the group relocated to Hong Kong in 1949 when the Kuomintang fled from the Communists following the Chinese Civil War. Originally there were fourteen members who were part of the Kuomintang, hence the name 14K. However, other sources say 14 stands for the road number of a former headquarters and K stands for Kowloon.


In 1997, there were a number of gang-related attacks that left 14 people dead. Under Wan Kuok-koi (nicknamed “Broken Tooth Koi”, 崩牙駒), the 14K was being challenged by the smaller Shui Fong Triad. The next year, a gunman believed to be connected to the local 14K killed a Portuguese national and wounded another at a sidewalk café in Macau. In 1999, a Portuguese court convicted 45-year-old mob boss Broken Tooth Koi on various criminal charges and sentenced him to 15 years’ imprisonment. His 14K gang was suspected of drive-by shootings, car bombings and attempted assassinations. Seven of his associates received lesser sentences. Since the crackdown in Macau, the 14K triad resurfaced in various cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago in the United States; Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto in Canada; Sydney in Australia; and also the UK.

Wikipedia article on 14K (Triad)

The 14K were originally based in Burma, in the Golden Triangle region. This is the infamous source of Southeast Asian heroin and the vicious wars to maintain control of the supply. It was, of course, created with CIA assistance to provide the Kuomintang with a base on the Chinese border.

The Kuomintang “Lost Army” was formally disbanded and shipped to Taiwan in 1953, after the Burmese government had shown the United Nations how much harm had been caused in the country. However, some 6,000 irregular troops were left behind and conflict with the Burmese and Chinese governments continued. The KMT remainders were driven into Thailand and Laos by a combined Chinese and Burmese offensive in 1960-1961.

The anticommunist narco-armies were established in the Golden Triangle as part of America’s Containment strategy. Enormous amounts of methamphetamine are currently produced there, under direction of the man Reuters calls “The Asian El Chapo”, Tsi Che Lop.

Tsi Che Lop was arrested in Amsterdam on January 25th, 2021. As of February 4th, 2021 the head of the 14K triad, Wan Kuok Koi a.k.a. Broken Tooth is wanted for fraud by the Malaysian government.

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