The Line: Trailers and Promos

[ Part of The Canadian Far Right in the Time of COVID ]

Before you can sell merch to people, you have to reach the people.

The Line hypes up their their logo in several videos, such as this amateur music video of Muse’s “Uprising”. Their next video promotes “The Line International” and is the first of many protest montages.

Later in the summer of 2020 their promotional materials took on a higher production value:

This September 13th video feels like a movie trailer and features their first specific demand: “religious liberty”.

Four days after this trailer was published The Line issued a video call to action. They aimed to hold Toronto’s largest anti-lockdown protest yet.

On September 26th they livestreamed the event, which filled the city’s Dundas Square.

Of course, enterprising businessmen that they are, the organizers of The Line had the foresight to set up cameras to capture the protesters’ march. One is left wondering: did they stage the march just to take this cinematic aerial shot for their next promo?


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