The Line: Market Penetration

[ Part of The Canadian Far Right in the Time of COVID ]

The video of the Aug 15 Edmonton protest showcases The Line’s professional-looking printed placards. They carry slogans that vaguely oppose the idea of government power:

  • Resist oppression and tyranny
  • United for freedom
  • No new normal
  • Research Bill 10
  • Join us if you love freedom

This August 12th video encourages viewers to join “The Line International” and shows a montage of clips and photos from past events.

Flags, stickers, buttons, and t-shirts in all of these images. The organizers are using this video to showcase their nationwide reach.

Almost every image of protest signs in this video shows a handmade example of The Line logo. In these and the non-Line signs we see slogans for movements that predate the line and have substantive demands. One appears to be a Candace Owens quote, “My freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins.” Antivaxxers, nationalists, MAGA fans, and libertarians are represented here.

Edmonton, Aug 15 2020

Providing only a general line of political protest, The Line inserts itself into pre-existing protest groups. These provide The Line with specific content as the established movements become its collaborators. Having thus adopted The Line’s brand identity, these independent groups become vectors for its spread.


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