Trump’s Third Position: Superstructure

In the days before Joe Biden’s Inauguration a rumor circulated Washington: Donald Trump wanted to start a Patriot Party.

If this party ever does form then it will likely take the lion as its emblem. The lion perfectly represents what Trump’s supporters see in the man: fierce and proud, a golden king who feasts on elephants and donkeys.

Oh, and the Trump campaign already used a lion designed by white supremacists.

Dutch Supremacists

In his last days in office, Trump issued pardons for many allies and members of his campaign, including Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. The boys are back and the Trump Organization is still operating. They already have the political machine that every new party needs.

Trump may have the superstructure of a new party, but what base does he command? His approval rating plummeted after the Capitol Hill Riot, though he still has many loyalists across the country and the world. After all of the failures and humiliations of 2020, could he ever win back his base? Would that even be enough to win the presidency?

The obvious answer is no. Despite having the highest popular vote of any incumbent president in history, Trump lost the election. There is no way he will regain the trust of all of those people after the disasters in the last year of his term. There’s no way he would even win the Republican nomination again. It’s obvious that the party — which never wanted him in the first place — has no interest in welcoming him back.

But what can a third party do, other than split the Republican vote and let the Democrats coast into office?

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