Provoking Police State Purges

I’m surprised by the number of arrests and the intensity of the police response to the Capitol Hill Riot.

They’re going after the capitol raiders because the FBI wants to destroy Trumpism, branch and root. The GOP has turned on Trump, and the FBI has had it out for him since day 1.

That’s why the press is going with the “this is terrorism!” narrative, when in reality it was a simple riot. Some people are speculating that the Democrats and their allies restricted policing of the MAGA rally in order to lure the protesters into a trap at the Capitol. Whatever the reason this happened, the FBI is taking the opportunity to hunt Trumpers.

I think that the destruction of the Trump base is the real goal of this reaction to the Capitol Hill incident of 1/6. This means the Democrats must create the exact kind of police state that Trumpers, QAnoners, and other right wing conspiracy theorists have been warning of for years.

If this trend continues past Inauguration Day then the state will finally be subjecting large numbers of white people to the kind of harassment usually reserved for people of color and people in other countries.

The intensity of this hunt, including no-fly lists, leftists helping to report Trumpers, Big Tech shutting down Trumper communications, FBI searches for protesters, is really astounding. There is a reason the FBI is reacting so strongly to this and it is to purge Trumpism from the state and the national consciousness.

It’s almost as if the Democratic establishment wants to provoke and stoke an insurgency. As if they looked at how the purge of Ba’athists in Iraq developed into ISIS and decided to try it at home.

Trump has spent four years “inciting stochastic terrorism” against the enemies of the Republican party. The Biden team seems intent on doing the same for the Democratic Party. Democrats, Liberals, and leftcoms are calling for police repression of right wingers. That is, they’re calling for state sponsored terrorism. The alleged coup, which never made a strike at the state, which was really a riot incited by someone who had reason to terrorize the senate, provides casus belli for the terroristic revenge of the Democrats.

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