Maxime Bernier’s Astroturf Party

[ Part of The Canadian Far Right in the Time of COVID ]

I find it very strange that the pollsters and CBC all continue to list and cover the PPC even though it averages 1% in the polls. It consistently polls lower than the independent candidates in the country despite being a “national” party.

From EKOS, November 13-26 2020

This is similar to the path that the Green Party took when May began her campaigns to enter Parliament:

The Liberals started cutting sweetheart deals with the Greens, like letting May run unopposed in Central Nova in 2008. The small-L liberal institutions, such as newspapers and NGOs, started pushing her into the public spotlight and granting the Greens more status and privilege. In contrast, these same politicsl institutions have in the past stripped the NDP of privileges and status, working to exclude their voices from media coverage and debates.

Even though the Green Party of Canada has never had as much support in Parliament or at the polls as the NDP, the trend is to push the larger one down and lift the smaller one up.

So I am suspicious of why the PPC continues to be covered and why Bernier continues to run in by-elections. Someone is propping them up as a real party despite being insignificantly small; the last time a federal party followed this path, it was secretly backed by a significant part of the political establishment.

Whose hidden hand moves Maxime Bernier?


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