I’ve been synchronicity hunting, as one does, around September 11th, wondering if there have been other aviation disasters on that date. Here’s what I turned up:

Cessna 310
At 4:40pm

The notable death on September 11, 1981 is Frank McHugh, a member of the “Irish Mafia” in Hollywood:

And, of course, someone born on that day carried out the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999.

The site of the 9/11/81 crash is also where the Rolling Stones made their American debut
Official damage report.
That model of plane was from a small production line distinguished by its turbocharged engines

Sammy Davis Jr performed at the swing auditorium. Of course, he was famously part of the “Rat Pack” and notoriously involved in Anton Szandor LaVey’s Church of Satan.

This is when Sammy Davis Jr. lost his eye:
When he’d forgotten his mazuzah
In San Bernardino
At the crossroads
On route 66.

He gave tribute for the loss of his eye, a loss which had brought him to the wisdom of the Lord.
Six years later the Rolling Stones and their devilry came to America on that same stage where Davis had marked his sacrifice. Years of powerful musical acts had saturated the site in psychic song.

Then, kaboom!! A plane turned into a missile on September 11, crashing into a powerfully-charged ritual site. Both the plane and building are complete write-offs.

They destroyed the altar to the theme of 444: Cessna 310 at 4:40pm.

But what does it mean!?

30 Photos from Sammy Davis, Jr.’s Private Collection
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