2021 Predictions


  • Bugmeat goes mainstream.
  • [Secondary prediction] Impossible burger (or comparable) revealed to be made of proteins sourced from insects. Company should tank according to common sense logic but it turns into a selling point.
  • Joe Biden jumps into another war in the middle east, probably involving Iran
  • Massive upsurge of far right terrorist attacks in america due to trumpist radicals going underground
  • UBI and an election for Canada
  • Flashpoint between the USA and China happens in the Philippines. America may intervene in Phillipine civil war. Warnings of WWIII used to terrify the public, but it won’t happen.
  • The Great Reset begins rollout
  • Gigantic burst of social euphoria as the pandemic is declared over
  • Ghislaine Maxwell goes to trial, doesn’t die in custody.


  • Near-earth orbit incident, someone blames someone for shooting down a satellite.
  • Something mysteriously fascinating to the whole world happens on the second solstice of the year, on December 21
  • The X Files returns

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