I note that the traditional, attenuated virus vaccines projects have all reported very high success rates and very few side effects. Three are developed in China.

Literally all of the western projects are experimental technologies, mostly genetically engineered viruses or else gene therapy drugs.

Pfizer is promoted in western news media as the developer of the world’s premier vaccine candidate. Pfizer says that their vaccine provides two years of protection before you need a booster.

I’m not sure how they know this after 2 months (?) of testing, but there’s $$$$$ to be made. That’s one reason to make sure you use the most advanced possible future tech in these projects:

They’re government contracts;

They’re bottomless money fountains.

You’ve got to milk it!

When you use the most advanced science, you consume the most labour power and thus accumulate the most possible surplus value. The most profitable projects are bleeding edge ones on government contracts. Your failures are celebrated as experimental data and net you even more funding.

Pfizer, of course, was responsible for several deaths in their experimental vaccine trials in Nigeria in the 1990s. In 2020, western governments trust Pfizer to rush development and testing of an mRNA vaccine. This type of vaccine has never been approved by the FDA before and now it is being pushed as the medicine that will end the pandemic.

The Russian vaccine uses a genetically modified adenovirus. It acts like a traditional vaccine but they have hollowed it out and given it a foreign genetic payload.

Because the Adenovirus structurally resembles a Coronavirus, your body reacts as if it is coronavirus. The way attenuated viruses work is that your body learns to recognize the structure of the virus body and it is exposed to the RNA messages inside the virus. Your body reads the RNA and learns how the virus is built.

The mRNA vaccines skip the virus body part. They just inject new code into your system.

These are gene therapy drugs, not a traditional vaccine. It might as well be CRISPR injected in your arm. Pfizer desperately wants to get their code into your genome. Then all of your descendants will have Pfizer IP in their blood.

This pandemic has been artificially extended by a set of malicious actors at the top. Now they’re implementing massive amounts of untested gene therapy drugs on a terrified and exhausted public.

It might be a good idea to wait for an attenuated vaccine to be available instead of jumping on the mRNA bandwagon.

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